Services at Precious Nails - Nails salon in Baton Rouge LA 70808



Manicure (Reg)
Deluxe Manicure

(include paraffin wax)

Manicure (Gel)
Shellac Take Off
Shellac (Gel) Polish


Pedicure (reg)
Pedicure (gel)
Men pedi
Deluxe pedicure
Premium Deluxe pedi
Detox pedicure
Pedicure and Manicure
Nail Service

Nail Service

Refill (reg)
Refill (gel)
Ombré set
Refill (ombré)
Cnd (or clear) set
Cnd refill
Solar (pink and white)
Refill pink
Refill pink & white
Nail Repair
Cut down

Acrylic (full set)

Full set reg
Full set with gel
Long or Extra long nails
Nail shape
French tip
French color
Curly lines
Nail repair
Additional Services

Additional Services

Nails polish change
Gel Nails polish change
Toes polish change
Gel toes polish change
French color
Acrylic (curly line)
Take off gel
Take off dipping
Acrylic remove
Cut Down
Nail Repair


(Under 10 years of age)
Kid Manicure
Kid Manicure (gel)
Kid Pedicure
Kid pedicure (gel)
Kid Pedicure and Manicure
Kid nail polish
Kid toes polish
Kid nail and toes polish
Dipping Powder SNS

Dipping Powder SNS

Dipping with manicure
Dipping w/t Manicure
Pink and white Dipping
Ombré Dipping
Dipping powder add tip
Take off dipping for redone
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